5 Tips To Peel Away Animation Blues

If you are a 2D animator and you feel exactly like you have several days at work, do not worry, you are not alone! Don’t get us wrong, being an animator at an animation studio is a dream come true! However, there may be days where you feel like you could give up out of frustration. Well, don’t let the animation blues get you down! Here are our top tips to make sure you don’t compromise the quality of your work.

Keep It traditional

Frame-by-frame is one of the most recognizable forms of 2d animation. This is an animation created one drawing at a time. So to ensure you produce high-quality 2d animation, frame by frame is one of the ways to go. This type of animation might just even showcase your years of experience and talent on paper.

Get The Best Software

There is much software available to display the best of your 2d animation. The expert choice is Toon Boom Harmony or Animate CC. Think of the superstars of animation. We have The Simpsons, Rick, and Morty, Futurama. All these classics use Toon Boom Harmony. It takes time to master, but once you understand its advanced features, picture yourself creating the best 2d animation quicker than Homer can say “Doh!”.

Plan Plan Plan

Planning is key. Plan every detail of what you want your 2d animation to look like. And delve into your creative flare and go through each scene, movement, action, and character in sequence to ensure all you totally love it before developing your 2d animation further.

Focus On Post-production

We’re finally onto the editing process of your 2d animation. So it’s the last stage. This involves adding any other effects to the animation, to really tug on the heartstrings of your audience. Ensure you spend plenty of time on this, so you miss nothing out.



There you have it, the top tips to ensure your 2d animation quality does not suffer. Carry out these tips and say goodbye to the animation blues!

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