5 Ways Mom Lied About Animation

Did you ask your mum what 2D animation was like in her day? Well, whatever she said to you, it is probably incorrect. Let’s clear up all the misinformation you got about 2D animation in this whirlwind guide of myths.

Myth: 2D Animation Is Dying Out

Back in the day, I’m sure your mom remembers the classic 2D animations she knew so well. Nowadays, she’ll notice a difference in the way we create animation. While 3D animation continues to grow in popularity for the last few years, many people still prefer to watch their films in the classic 2D format. With 2D animation, its production costs are a big attraction and it is less time-consuming compared to 3D.

Myth: You Will Want To Work For A Big Animation Studio

Anyone aspiring to work in animation does dream of working in large studios like Disney. I’m sure your mom said ‘Disney is the king of animation’. However, don’t completely overlook the smaller studios. They give artists more opportunities to shine, and network is a lot easier.

Myth: Stick With One Studio As Long As You Can

Spreading your artistic wings in the animation industry is vital. Is your mom always saying something like once you’re in the big leagues of animation you are set? Well, this may not always be true. Yes, working for a large and successful animation studio may make you very lucky, however, it doesn’t mean you always have to stay there. By changing studios, you can expand your network and improve your animation experience.

Myth: You Need To Be Able To Hand Draw

The animation played during your mom’s days clearly used hand drawings. However, these days with a drawing tablet, and robust software, having the ability to put a pen to a computer is all you need. Although if you wish, hand drawing methods do help a lot along the animation process and make you look super appealing to employers. So good going if you decide that hand drawing is the way to go.

Myth: You Need To Be Good At Every Step Of The Animation Process

In animation, chances are you get hired to concentrate on one thing you excel well in. The animation process more so requires a team of specialized individuals who shines at one skill.


Now, remember, whatever your mom tells you about the animation back in her day, just remember it may not necessarily be true. And as the saying goes, ‘mother knows best’ may not always apply here…

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