Prevent your animation from failing

3D animation is buzzing in so many ways these days. But for some reason, 2d animation films got a spark too that won’t die. Something about this beautifully created technique gets people’s attention, but there is always room for improvement for every type of film regardless of its genre. Here are some of the most important things your projects must offer to impress viewers:

Entertaining storyline

A great story means a great film regardless of whether it is animated or not, and good news, you only need to work on one aspect to make it extraordinary. Everything else falls into place automatically. Whether you create an animated short film or a full-length animated feature film, the story is always the key. Nobody wants to see a movie that is boring or unoriginal.

Incredible Animation

A well-done animation takes an ordinary scene and makes it look amazing, but only if it is done right. Poorly animated scenes or jarring movements might take away from the film as a whole. This is why it’s awesome to have good animators on your team who can create fluid and lifelike motion.

Good Voice Acting

Hear Louise's Voice Sample Below

Voice acting also makes or breaks an animated film. If the voices do not fit the characters or sound stiff and unnatural, it can come across as very distracting and take away from the enjoyment of the film. When choosing voice actors, it is best to find people who are native to that language or have an excellent ear for accents; otherwise, things might sound really off, which is detrimental to your work.

Good Soundtrack

A great soundtrack can enhance almost any scene in animation, but only if it is done right. The score must fit the mood of each scene and amplify its emotional impact; otherwise, it will stick out like a sore thumb and make everything feel awkward and wrong. It is important to use music sparingly as well. Anything longer than 30 seconds becomes distracting after repeated hearings.

Great Delivery of Lines

Dialogue is one of those things that either makes or breaks an animated film. If the delivery is stiff and unnatural, it comes across too loudly to the audience and then takes away from the overall experience. This is why voice acting is so important – if the voices do not fit the characters, it will ruin everything. It is important to ensure that the lines are delivered in an easy-to-understand way and not too fast or slow.

Strong Characters

Your film is only as good as its characters. If your audience does not connect with your protagonists, they won’t care about what happens to them. Beautifully, well-developed characters highlight your day and your audience and don’t be afraid to give them unique personalities and backstories that your audience can root for.

These are just some of the things that I learned which I wanted to share with you about 2D animation. If you keep these in mind when creating your next project, you should be on your way to creating something truly unique!

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