Anime with a twist, yes!

Every anime lover knows the importance of good graphics in every show they have watched. The bright colors, detailed costumes, and overall great animation make the anime show extra interesting. With that said, this article will teach you how you can create your own anime having those elements. We will use the concept of a Bahamian Carnival as our base because it has flashy theatrics and colorful ensembles that would make an excellent theme for an anime.



What is 2D illustration?

2D Illustration is also called two-dimensional animations. From the name itself, this type of illustration involves drawing characters and objects on a flat surface. It is important there is no depth to the drawing because that would make it three-dimensional.

Anime illustrators make use of 2D illustration to bring their stories to life. You are probably wondering how they get the characters and objects to move if it seems to be fixated on the plane. Illustrators are able to generate movement by creating individual frames per second (FPS). The illustrators would draw separate images and then sequence them together. The frames would change in less than a second to produce the visual effect of movements. For example, a film with 24 frames per second would have around 12 drawings. One drawing will be shown for every two frames, and therefore just a second of that film will have 12 unique drawings.

How You Can Utilize Photoshop in Animation?

From what was stated above, you now know that you need a lot of drawings to create an anime. For the process to be easier, you can make use of photoshop in your illustrations. Traditional means of animation would be digitally drawing all images one by one. However, you can duplicate a drawing with photoshop and only change what object on the image needs to move.

You can either draw your characters with their Bahamian-inspired costumes on the platform itself or draw them by hand and digitally scanned. In both cases, editing the images is possible. In addition to that, photoshop has the color and object elements that would make creating designs inspired by a Bahamian carnival easier. It would also be less of a hassle to manipulate the objects to achieve the realistic motion you are going for.

Practice Makes Perfect

For practice purposes, you can start by creating your anime character first and try to make minimal movements. Once you have this mastered, creating a short anime film based on a Bahamian carnival for example will be much easier.

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