power messages in animation

In a time where information is readily available, too many textual details can get quite overwhelming. This is especially true when you want to elaborate on a complex topic but are restricted by character limits in every post. In such situations, media – especially 2d illustrations and animations- prove to be the most efficient alternative to convey powerful messages without taking up too much space.

The saying “a picture tells a thousand words” has always rung true. No matter how cliche it may sound, 2d illustrations and various animations prove to be powerful conduits for representation and cultural diversity. Among many other things, animations and illustrations have the power to evoke emotions, feelings, and provoke thoughts according to the message you wish to portray.

Refining Ideas into Illustrations

While it may be easy for most to consume media like animations or illustrations, creating it is not easy. People who work in 2d animation studios put a vast amount of creative effort and patience into condensing an idea to art, all so it could be digestible and understood. More than that, there also are a variety of things you need to consider as well. Making illustrations and animations means you have a hand in choosing who and what to show and how to show it. The effective assemblage of these things altogether allows the message to be conveyed powerfully and effectively.

Evoking Change

With society constantly undergoing rapid changes, the illustrator’s responsibility is to shed light on important matters – to be more inclusive and more socially aware. This is one of the many things that 2d animation studios Miami takes to heart. Choosing the kind of characters you want to show in your animations or illustrations leaves a significant imprint on those who consume it. For instance, a powerful message is brought about by just drawing a Chinese girl in an illustration. Here, you are conveying the essence of representation and how inclusion is necessary for all forms.

On the other hand, you can express messages in animations by playing around with colors and deciding which one best fits a scene. Doing so can already elicit strong emotions and establish a stance. Furthermore, illustrations and animations provide avenues to demonstrate examples, instill hope, and aim for a better world through visual prowess. Those in themselves are already compelling enough to influence a large majority of people.


That being said, illustrators mainly have the power to evoke change through illustrations and animations. Being mediators, 2d illustrations can serve as gateways for realizations, discernment, and action. While it may not necessarily be an easy process to undertake, it definitely is an opportunity worth doing time and time again.

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