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2D Animation

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Character Design


We areare fullyfully dedicated toto creating authenticauthentic 2D2D Animations.


Racquel Porter

2D Animator/ Illustrator

She’s the vehicle behind Animation Bee Studios and loves To bring a flare of individuality in 2D illustrations and cartoons.

Alejandro Mejia Robledo

3D Animator

It’s not all the time that 3D animations are needed, But when they are Alejandro is the perfect person for the job.

Louise Porter

Voiceover Actress

Louise is the voice that can meet your every need. From thriller to action, she’s ready to work with you.

Aleksandra Alex

2D Artist

She’s the artist that displays drawings in a dark and spooky way. Looking for horror, mystery, or thriller kind of chills and thrills? Say no more.



Outlined details of animation- dialogue, sound effects



Creating the entire concept, style and overall artwork from scratch



Creating the illusion of movement using a series of images


Fun Times

Revise, launch animation once given the go ahead

I'll keep using this studio even after my company becomes a multi-billion dollar business. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to our next adventure.

Princeps Polycap

She has a talent! Thanks so much for your courtesy and everything Racquel

David Ballam

She was very professional and offered help at every step of the way. Thank you Racquel

Lynne and Karetta


  • TIC Americas in 2018


  • Creative Startups Accelerator


  • BOSSS Programme



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  • Dublin Animation Film Festival

    5 Nov 2021

  • British Animation Awards

    10 March 2022

  • Columbus International Film & Animation Festival

    24 April 2022

  • Atlanta Film Festival

    1 May 2022